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Expedited Credentialing Services

KurzSolutions exists to accelerate revenue for your company in two ways:

  • Expedited recruiting – <15 days
  • Expedited credentialing <14 days

KurzSolutions provides expedited credentialing for all Provider Credentials Files. Our experience includes all branches of the military and more than 90 separate base locations. It is not a boast to say that we are the fastest and best in business. Files are completed on an aggressive timeline and sent FedEx to the base in question for next day delivery. Here are the latest metrics to prove it….

Credentialing Statistics – Last 90 Days

  • Average days from credentials file start to ship date – 11.4
  • Percentage of files needing no correction – 89%

Our expedited credentialing services are included at no additional charge in our RPO relationships.

These are just two of the sixteen services offered by KurzSolutions RPO Relationships: click here to view our complete offerings.

While we cannot control the government timeline, there are things under our control that can be expedited. KurzSolutions can accelerate your revenue by as much as  50%.

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Career PlanningAs often as baby-boomers change jobs (average 10x according to the Department of Labor), you’d think they have mastered the game by now. The worker as a “free agent” remains a reality as on financier put it: “There are no final destinations…your career is a process.” So it comes as a bit of a surprise that a recent study reveals that botching a job change is more common than finesse. Here are the most common job change mistakes…

  1. NOT DOING ENOUGH RESEARCH – Failure to practice “due diligence” falls into four categories:
    • Not knowing enough about job market realities for your industry or function
    • Failure to adequately assess a potential employers financial stability and market position
    • Neglecting the whole issue of cultural fit
    • Assuming that the job description accurately reflects real job expectations
  2. LEAVING FOR MONEY – as one job-shifter described his new job “I am doing the same thing for an extra $10k, but left behind relationships and connections that were worth a lot more.” We often talk to pharmacists who have already vacated their previous position and who say to us “I have six weeks vacation.” We have to remind them that they “had” six weeks vacation. Very few employers are going to initially match vacation that you earned through years of faithful service at ANOTHER company.
  3. OVERESTIMATING YOURSELF – Most “former” employees believe they were much more intrinsic to the organization than in fact they actually were. They have an unrealistic view of their skills, prospects, and their culpability not to mention, how long the job search may take.
  4. THINKING SHORT-TERM – IMMEDIATE RELIEF AND LONG TERM REWARDS – Their is a reason for the term “golden handcuffs,” but after 20+ years you are often leaving a lot more behind than money.
  5. “GOING FROM” RATHER THAN “GOING TO” – The most common reason for changing jobs (negative emotions) can hardly be defined as “strategic.” Good job transitions require care and patience.

A good career agent provides an antidote for all four mistakes in that (1) they know the market and your future employer, (2) they will discourage you from making money the number one issue, (3) They provide reality therapy regarding both the exigencies of job-shifting and your own assets, (4) they will ensure that the change is in your best long-term interests and that there are compelling reasons for considering a change.

Read about the Five Ways to Bundle a Job Change at HBR

Kurz Solutions

The best candidates are never in employment lines or posting their resumes on job boards – They are happily doing a great job for someone else. The ideal candidate is the one who is not looking… The only question is: how do you find them?

One Source Health Careers has the answer. We are in the business of coaching professionals who aren’t looking but who, because of their career goals or family needs, may be willing to take the leap. We don’t wait for them to call us – we call them every single day. It is our passion to put great employers and excellent health care workers together – call it “match-making” if you like.

Call us – we can make a match for you!