The Art of Pricing for Profit

top_leftKurzSolutions Pricing Data Methodology

KurzSolutions Salary Data is derived from a comprehensive survey of available salary data from commercial sources such as,,, (et al) combined with fresh intel from our extensive active candidate database of over 400,000 active candidates along with actual market surveys of candidates in the field. Understanding that commercially-published salary data lags about a year behind actual salary trends, published data is use only as a baseline measurement of compensation figures. We test and quantify the data by comparing these numbers with both active candidate salary history and passive candidate interviews to arrive at verified compensation numbers. We also take into account the size of the local candidate pool and the potential need for relocation of qualified candidates that may result in a broader search requiring more competitive compensation figures allowing us to compete on a state or national level as necessary.

Our Pricing Charts

The resultant pricing charts include (1) national mean averages for each position, (2) local averages including low, median, and high figures for the target location, (3) recommended compensation figures for the specific location and position based on a comparison of (1) and (2) with actual salaries being paid in the metro area in closest proximity to the target area derived from our proprietary database and real time market surveys.