Kurz Solutions is proud to offer this comprehensive menu of services:

Pro Forma Services

    1. Pro Forma Intel – recruiting intelligence designed to enable you to make decisions about how realistic your recruiting expectations for a certain position or project might be before you engage.
    2. Pro Forma Marketing – marketing in advance of contract award or project start to ensure near near-immediate response time when personnel are needed
    3. Pro Forma Recruiting – gaining preliminary commitments from actual candidates and pre-closing them on compensation parameters
    4. Pro Forma Pricing – providing accurate pricing based on market research, our extensive active candidate database, and real time surveys of active candidates in the target market (learn more about KurzSolutions pricing strategy)

Recruiting Services

    1. Direct Recruiting Process – including finding (research), contacting (direct marketing via email and phone), screening (license and credentials verification as well as criminal history background check), interviewing the top candidates in the market – both active and passive
    2. Presentation – prepare and provide professional profiles and marketing pieces for the best qualified candidates
    3. Pre-close – gain a commitment to compensation packages, relocation and start date timelines prior to the formal offer
    4. Salary/Compensation Negotiation – as necessary following a formal offer

Pre-Employment Services

    1. Provider Credential Files – we provide approval-ready PCFs by FedEx within 10 business days of hire
    2. Pre-Employment Files – we collect and prepare these for HR
    3. POC – arranging the start date and providing the “point of contact” and checklist for in-processing on the first day
    4. First Day Follow-up – to ensure the start did occur and to troubleshoot any initial issues
    5. First Week Welcome Packet – including a letter from the CEO of your company and a welcome gift

Retention Services

    1. Retention Strategies for the New Employee – 26 strategies for making the new relationship work in spite of any obstacles. This is provided in the third week of new employment.
    2. 30-Day Follow-up – this is an automated process designed to surface any potential issues after the first month
    3. 90-Day Follow-Up – automated process intended to surface any latent issues after the first quarter of new employment
    4. Credentials Maintenance – Our automated, monitored processes ensure that licenses and certifications are kept up to date and on file at all times


  1. Warranty – We warranty all government contractors for up to three years and non-government employees for a full year after hire – with a full, free replacement guarantee