Barry King, MD – OBGYN, FACOG, Fort Polk, LA

“I wanted to take a moment to write a letter of recommendation for KURZ SOLUTIONS.  I recently applied for an OB/GYN position at Fort Polk Louisiana. For those of you  who have not yet had the privilege of applying for a position in a military facility it can be a mind blowing experience. I am former military, and was still somewhat surprised by the difficulties in navigating the systems. That’s where KURZ comes in! everyone there is highly skilled, motivated and professional, and were excellent at navigating a very difficult system, while keeping me apprised of my status and equally importantly keeping me calm during the inevitable snags that occur when dealing with a large organization. I can’t imagine trying to do it without them. KURZ SOLUTIONS  is the best at what they do, and I can’t recommend them highly enough!”

David Dundore, PA-C, Fort Bragg, NC

“While navigating the unavoidably lengthy maze of the government hiring process, the people of Kurz Solutions were invaluable guides. They won my total confidence in their expertise as facilitators and mediators, and I can’t imagine how they could have made things easier, while totally avoiding unnecessary delays. Their dedication as liaisons and advocates is effective, and their coaching can lead anyone through the otherwise impenetrable thicket to a new and promising career.”      

Connie Fisk, PMHNP- BC, Camp Lejeune Naval Hospital

“I wanted to to move to North Carolina to be closer to my new granddaughter. KurzSolutions helped me navigate through the process of completing all the necessary requirements to work at a military hospital near my family. They not only made the process simple, but they also made it pleasurable. Deborah was always available for the many questions or concerns that I encountered. This job and experience of the hiring process exceeded my expectations. Kurz Solutions continues to be available to me even after a year of starting this job!” 

Howard Peth, MD, FACEP, FACP – Emergency Medicine Physician

“I have been awed by cohesiveness of the kind, dear folks who comprise the exceptionally competent nursing and medical staffs at the Fort — together they comprise a happy, friendly, absolutely wonderful team that has mastered the art how to pull together in even the toughest of circumstances- always with utmost aplomb; the patients also are very kind,  motivated to get well, and especially grateful for the care and kindness extended to them their health care team; and the easily accessible ED management team consists of very sharp and experienced leaders who have succeeded in generating a highly functioning group of high performers who have clearly articulated the goals and strategies to achieve those goals. The FLW Emergency Department is a joy to work in and I am privileged to have been invited to join their wonderful company.  I thank you, Deborah, and Rob for all of your substantial efforts to make my association with FLW possible and please personally extend my personal thanks to each.”

Christine Cisneros, MD, PhD, MPH, ACOEM-Fellow, Fliight Medicine Physician

“Finding new employment usually is a confusing and arduous task.  My experience with the folks of KurzSolution was positive.  They knew how present your credentials to the prospective employer and they worked with you throughout the credentialing process.  And it was a definite plus to have the friendly and warm voices of Brandy Galaviz and Deborah Kurz to get you through the credentialing process. Succinctly, the folks of KurzSolutions offer a service that is heads and shoulders above other recruiting organizations.”

Jake Rosser, Five Stones Research, DoD Contractor

“On behalf of Five Stones Research Corporation, I wanted to send a letter of recommendation and gratitude to you and your company for your diligent work to help place a physician on our contract at Eglin AFB. Your company was very professional and worked around the clock to fill the position. Kurz was able to overcome many hurdles due to contracting to place our physician in a timely manner. After the candidate was selected, your company exhibited their vast experience in credentialing the physician. This process was seamless for Five Stones and the candidate. I would recommend your company in the future to anyone looking for help in recruiting. It was truly a wonderful experience and process working with your company and I am certain Five Stones will be calling upon KurzSolutions again in the near future for support and services.”

David P. Laughlin, DO, Family Medicine

“I am writing this recommendation in support for Kurz Solutions for any physicians that are looking for a quality institution that is expedient, thoughtful and thorough.  I recently moved to a new position and within a week, they accomplished what most recruiting services would take a month.  I received top-notched service, with a personal individual that answered all my questions and helped me obtain all the documents required for credentials processing.  They were professional and caring. 

It is my pleasure to recommend Kurz Solutions.”

Tara Hutchison, Operations & Program Coordinator – D0D Contractor

“I wanted to thank you for all the hard work you’ve put into this position.  I’ve been completely satisfied with the work done to date getting an employee on such short notice found, hired and through the process!”

Dianna S. Miller, Psy.D, Clinical Psychologist

“I remain most grateful to you and the rest of the Kurz family for taking such good care of me before, during, and after my hire.  KurzSolutions is a class act, tenderly but firmly leading the recruit through the credentialing process; cheering us on as we begin to feel exhausted with the government requirements.  I wouldn’t want to work with anyone but KurzSolutions in the future.  Please pass along my sincere thanks to the rest of the team.”

Allen Bruce, MD, Allergy & Immunology

“Corban, I want to take this opportunity to thank you and the rest of the staff at KurzSolutions for the efficient and professional manner you handled my job search and application process for the medical position which I am now filling at a government facility. The whole process went smoothly and I am now enjoying my new position. I also appreciate the follow up contacts to check with me on the success of my new position. Best wishes for your continued efforts for other medical professionals looking for a job change.”

David Carlson, MD, Pulmonology/Critical Care

“I have worked with Kurz Solutions for approximately 3-4 months. During that time period I have worked with a number of other companies which recruit physicians for job opportunities. I have found KurzSolutions to be superior to the other companies for a number of reasons.  First, they were very easy to work with, very promptly returning my telephone calls and even sometimes anticipating my questions and concerns before I contacted them. Next, they were very expedient. At a time when a quicker result was very important to me, they very quickly processed and “turned around” an application and credentialing process at an institution which would normally take longer than average. Finally, they were successful in getting me a job, when the other companies were not. Positive results speak loudly……I will recommend KurzSolutions to my colleagues who find themselves in need of such services.”

Carol McDermott, Senior HR Specialist, Dekalb Medical

“I just wanted to take a moment and make sure that you know how impressed I have been with your organizations services. Thank you for a true partnership in assisting DeKalb Medical in finding and landing a stellar candidate for a difficult to fill position. I cannot say enough about the excellent level of service that Andrea delivered day in and day out. Beyond just being “pleasant” to work with, Andrea was extremely detailed, responsive, had tremendous follow through and a level of integrity that is seldom seen with contingency recruiters. I know that a large part of the success of this hire was due to her and her ability to partner and communicate both with me, and with the candidate, throughout our selection process. Thanks for a job well done!! Should you ever need customer references or testimonials……I’m your girl!”

Vice President of Sales, Home Solutions Infusion Therapy, NJ
“In case I didn’t say this today…….you’re amazing as a recruiter….unbelievable actually. I have been on both sides of the fence with recruiters…..once I land, wherever that may be…..you have to be my number one source of recruitment. Your efforts are always above and beyond….tremendous.”

Andy Gish, RN – Emergency, Atlanta
“I have so enjoyed working with you both. You have been the most professional and “on top of it” of all the recruiters I have worked with… and you can quote me on that! ”

Miguel, Pharm. D., Jacksonville, FL
“Hey man, hope all is going well. Sorry I hadn’t done the survey- it’s done now. I love the job! It’s everything you said and more. Hope your holidays were great. Talk to you soon and thanks again.”

Erin Gedling, Pharm. D., Clinical Pharmacist, Columbus, OH
“I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for your help with my job search. I am very anxious to begin working at the hospital and getting to know my new co-workers! I owe my excitement to you! You are very good at what you do and I am so glad I had the opportunity to work with you! I really appreciate your honesty and professionalism and wish you continued success.”

Diane Jones, General Manager, FF Infusion
“I was very pleased with the timeliness and responsiveness of your company. The initial investigation and follow up that you performed on your candidates was thorough and accurate. The interactions I had with your staff were professional and courteous. Overall, I felt it was money well spent.”

Jamil Harb, President, Professional Pharmacies, Inc.
October 1, 2008 – I highly recommend Rob Kurz at One Source Health Careers for all your pharmacy staffing needs. He is very attentive in this tight pharmacist labor market and will go the extra mile to fill your pharmacist position. We have a great pharmacist on staff that was hired through One Source. This pharmacist had second thoughts after his move from Texas to California. Rob was 100% on the ball and offered us a replacement candidate at no cost. More importantly Rob also spoke to our pharmacist and convinced him to stay on. I will call no other staffing service for our staffing needs. OneSource is the only call I need to make.

Amy, Pharm. D., Columbus, OH
“Rob made the process of finding a job very enjoyable and easy. I consider myself especially lucky to have worked with him. He found my dream job as a clinical pharmacist at a great local hospital. What makes the experience more amazing is that I had done an ambulatory care residency, rather than a hospital residency. Within 2 weeks of submitting my CV, Rob had contacted this hospital and set up an interview. He worked very hard to set up an interview on short notice. I feel so fortunate to have worked with One Source Health Careers. I believe I have landed my dream job – one that I plan on staying at for 15 – 20 years – mainly due to the hard work of Rob.”

Julie, Pharm. D., St. Luke’s, Duluth, MN
“Dear Robert, I want to thank you and your staff for the privilege of working with One Source Health Careers. Your attention to every detail and timely follow-up made the entire interview process very comfortable. The Director of Pharmacy commented on what a good idea it was to enlist your recruiting services. The position at St. Luke’s means a great deal to my family and I, and I am so blessed to have the opportunity.”

Andrew D., Pharm. D., Los Angeles, CA
“All in all though, I’m happy that we were able to find this opportunity for me. The management is very friendly and very helpful, which is a far cry from the management at my previous employer which is one of the main reasons I was not happy there. In addition, I have more help at this store then I ever had at my previous store, which makes my life easier. While this is clearly a huge task ahead for me to try and clean up this store, it has become something that I am excited about and look at as a challenge – and I love challenges. So, this means I owe you something – for getting me this opportunity.”

Director of Pharmacy, Ohio Health System
“I highly recommend a particular recruiter, Robert Kurz. Rob is a no-nonsense guy and is great to work with. I spell out my expectations for a candidate and he screens accordingly. I don’t waste time on unnecessary interviews and inquiries. I have hired seven candidates referred to me by him over the past 2 yrs. They are all still working and performing very well. He has demonstrated the ability to meet specific needs we have with only quality candidates.”