Why would you pay for expedited credentialing services? 

The quick response – you wouldn’t, since credentialing is a lost item.

As part of our RPO services, KurzSolutions includes expedited credentialing services at no charge. On the surface this makes no sense, since PCFs actually cost $2,000 per file in hard costs (verifications, background checks, shipping) and labor. Why would we do it for free?

The Argument for Expedited Credentialing – Enhanced Revenue

Obviously, there are no billable hours until a candidate starts work. Every day of delay represents lost revenue. The average number of days providers are in internal credentialing process across the 8(a) space is 60 days. Multiply that by your load and margin and you will quickly realize that the cost is more than justified by the revenue captured. Not to mention the savings on protracted internal hourly wages for a credentialing specialist.

While we cannot completely control GOVT inefficiencies and delays (some control is possible), we can control what happens on the front end.

Expedited credentialing has the following significant benefits:

  • Accelerating Revenue – in most cases by 60-90 days ($3,000 – $10,000 in captured revenue)
  • Improving Retention – one of the key reasons for fall-off is the tedious credentialing timeline. Many providers get better,offers and faster start dates while enduring “our” creds process.
  • Enhancing Fill Timeline Metrics – the GOVT measures everything and this improves your score

Implementing Expedited Credentialing – Two Approaches

There are two ways to receive these benefits: (1) Hire us on a per file basis to do expedited credentialing for you – many of your competitors do. All files are done under your company letterhead, name, and shipped directly to the base via FedEx under your label, or (2) Enter into an outsourced relationship or trial and get this service (one of sixteen) for free.

The Metrics for Kurz Credentialing Services

Of course, this only works if the files are done correctly the first time by someone who knows what they are doing. Here are the metrics for Kurz Credentialing Solutions:

  • Average time out the door – 11.4 days
  • Ratio of perfect files to files requiring minor correction – 10:9.7
  • Military Branch Experience: Army, Navy, USAF, National Guard
  • Base Experience – 90 Military Treatment Facilities

To engage us for one or more credentialing files, dial 888-406-9485

To explore an outsourced relationship with Kurz with free expedited credentialing, dial 888-406-9485