Think Like an Owner!

Because You Own Your Success

One of the unique differences in our relationship with recruiting consultants at KurzSolutions over the years is that we do not view them as employees, but partners. Unfortunately our consultants have often been limited by their own perception of the relationship. Our commitment to providing the most lavish and well-integrated recruiting platform and support available anywhere is only really capitalized if a team member views themselves as a business owner rather than an employee. Here is the important question:

“Am I a sales person in a business or a business owner making sales?” This comparison helps to demonstrate the difference between these two mindsets:

Recruiter Thinking

Owner Thinking

Pays only for what can be reimbursed

Invests money to make money

Calls on anybody

Calls on the right people

Reacts to interruptions

Makes sure interruptions don’t occur

Keeps safe clients

Terminates unprofitable relationships

Is busy and action-oriented

Is productive and results focused

Makes lots of calls

Makes placements

Thinks quantity is important

Knows quality is more important

Puts profit before people

Puts people before profits

Puts revenue before reputation

Puts reputation before revenue

Prioritizes schedule

Schedules priorities

Succeeds by accident

Succeeds by design

Successful recruiters take responsibility for their own success and stability. They realize that the firm owner can only provide an opportunity and cannot guarantee their success. As a friend of mine once said of recruiting consultants: “Sooner than later, they have to make something happen on their own, just like you did and I did.” Consistent income is the result of both good planning and good execution. Or to put it another way, inconsistency in sales income and success results from failure to plan for sales success. Far too many people believe that sales success results from luck or “getting a break.”

Noted recruiting trainer Scott Love was a card counter in Vegas until he was banned from the casinos. Counting cards taught him an essential lesson, whether gambling or recruiting. He says, “I learned that if I continued to work the system I would make money.” Whether it is blackjack, poker, or recruiting – luck has little to do with it….

To quote the great English poet, John Milton, “Luck is the residue of design.”