Recruitment Process Outsourcing at its best….

Customizable Service, Predictable Results, Quantifiable Costs

Talent Acquisition is our sole specialty. Whether you need French-Speaking Cessna Pilots, Certified Hand Therapists, or Subject Matter Experts in cryocooler technology, we don’t make empty promises – we deliver qualified candidates routinely on a tight timeline. We say “the difficult will be done at once, the impossible will take a little longer.” At KurzSolutions “luck” is the residue of design : a winning strategy, cutting edge technology, extraordinary commitment, and old-fashioned hard work.

Customizable Service

Serving seamlessly as an extension of your company mission, vision and ethos providing whatever level of service you require for a cost that will make the decision to use us obvious. Review our menu or services.

Predictable Results

100% success rate on competitively priced fills on a 4-7 day timeline. A relationship with us means you can pursue new business with impunity and without concern for execution. Find out how we can do this.

Quantifiable Costs

Unheard of level of service with a pricing structure that will allow you to exactly predict your cost-per-hire for the foreseeable future. Uncover your exact costs for our services.