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We scour the country for the best-managed provider companies and DoD contractors and provide them with the best talent available in the market. We think these candidates and employers deserve each other!  Candidate testimonials and a 97% retention rate after 12 months say it all. Read more here….

Not all recruiting firms are created equal according to Career guru, Martin Yate. In his best selling book, Knock ‘Em Dead: The Ultimate Job Search Guide, he affirms that career agents are an asset to your job search, but he warns against working with just anyone. Here are the three key traits he suggests you should look for when choosing a search firm:

Involvement in Professional Associations – He suggests that this demonstrates an enhanced level of competence through its use of extensive professional training programs. “In the employment services industry,” he says, “the high end employment agencies and search firms belong to the National Association of Personnel Services, or NAPS.” You will notice the NAPS logo proudly displayed on our home page – KurzSolutions  is an active member of this premiere Association.

Involvement in Independent or Franchise Networks of Firms – because this can be a powerful plus for a job search in that it gives you access to a coordinated network of employment service professionals. These networks also have extensive training programs that ensure a high quality consultant. KurzSolutions belongs to the largest network of independently owned health care recruiting firms in the world, providing you with significant bandwidth for your job search.

Additional Accreditations or Certifications such as CPC (Certified Personnel Consultant) which is recognized as a standard of excellence and commitment achieved only after rigorous training and study. Qualified CPS’s also have superior knowledge of legalities and ethics of the hiring process as well as expertise or tricks of the trade that come only after years of hands-on experience. KurzSolutions is not only CPC Certified but also CERS Certified (Certified Employee Retention Specialists)

Martin Yate would suggest that when you elect to work with Kurz Solutions you can do so with the confidence that you are working with one of the best firms in the industry. Here are his final words of advice: “Find a NAPS member with a CPC designation and listen to what he or she tells you and if she has additional accreditation, so much the better.”