How we can do this…..

KurzSolutions represents the next stage in post-modern recruiting – a synergy of cutting edge resources and strategies that enable us to deliver results on a short timeline:

  • Bleeding edge technology including patented algorithms for driving web traffic, marketing 2.0 tools, advanced email/social network marketing, advanced and automated candidate matching
  • Large active candidate database that rivals the largest job boards – 900,000 active candidates – with 2500 additional candidates added daily
  • Personal contact with 4,200 health professionals daily
  • A successful, commercially-marketed research firm serving many of the TOP 10 and TOP 100 search firms nationally
  • A top notch team that includes marketing specialists, researchers, web-traffic directors, an extensive support team, and a significant team of veteran recruiters

This lavish suite of resources not only allows us to respond rapidly to your needs, but also enables us to open a new desk or new niche in less than 48 hours. Our ability to expand our team at will, also means that we can accommodate your rapid growth.